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Deaf Equipments  is owned and operated by partly deaf and hard of hearing of Durban, South Africa.I have extensive first hand experience with hearing loss and am eager to help you with your needs. We operate a showroom in Durban and we invite you to visit us anytime whenever you are in the area. The trip will be worth your while

Deaf Equipments   is a  web based company that offers a wide range of hearing assistive devices to benefit anyone with a hearing loss. They carry a comprehensive selection of popular, well- designed items to assist users in conversation, on the telephone, watching television, and other daily activities.Deaf Equipments do not sell hearing aids.

My dream is to help you maintain your independence and live life to its fullest. I can do that by offering you choices for the best assistive technology available.

While we cannot restore your hearing, speech or vision to normal, I, Deaf Shop, promise that through technology, we can help you limit the impact hearing, speech or vision impairments might have on your life. I understand first-hand that, with adequate technology, a disability can be restored to an ability in each and every one of us.

We have lots of exciting new features designed to make your shopping experience simpler and even more enjoyable .you will find Infrared systems, Loop (induction) systems, vibrating and flashing alerts, personal amplifiers and daily living aids and devices that comply with the South Africans with Disabilities Act for hearing access.Many of our  devices will work with the telecoils in your hearing aids.  Take advantge of them!  We also offer devices that can be used in place of hearing aids.


If you find a price lower then ours, show us. We may be willing try to match the price. If you are searching for a particular device we don't have, we will try  get it for you. Come in, look around, educate yourself. Best of all, purchase what you need and improve your life...and mine. As always...

Are you confused what product to buy,feel free to contact us.

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Looking forward for your support .

Cell (only SMS) : 27 83 786 2886
Skype:babyboss786 (South Africa)

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